Users of Android should expect new icon packs for Androids before January 2016 rolls out if recent news on this is something to reckon with. Custom icon packs as well as Android customization are two terms that go together without any separation. It is very difficult to envisage that people can enjoy their Android gadget without adding one of these.

You must have surely stumbled on the bi-weekly columns that display all the latest and significant icon packs for Android, particularly if you have been searching around. Replacing your Android gadget icon pack and offering the UI a brand new appearance is as simple as A-B-C.

You are expected to meet only a few basics – you have to get an intermediary launcher that offer support to that particular aesthetic revamp and an icon pack that attracts your attention.

Discussed here are some of the noteworthy latest icon packs that grab attention.

PHIX RÉTRO icon pack

PHIX RÉTRO is just an icon that is extraordinary. However, many people may not like it but the fact is that it looks attractive. This icon pack features a number of 1,100 icons on board, and also a huge number of high-res wallpapers to go together with the icons. Are you seeking a nice icon pack? Then think about giving PHIX RÉTRO icon pack a try.

Emperia icon pack

Emperia icon pack features over 175 wallpapers and 2,500 icons within that are pretty fastidious. They look really nice with their distinctive blueprint and they are inexpensive to come by.

Nuance icon pack

This is another attractive icon pack that will surely grab your attention. Nuance features 1,336 high-res icons across board, and many cloud-based types of wallpaper. The whole on-board icons are disk-shaped with a design language not exceptional but definitely one of its kinds.

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