Google is a diverse corporation that offers various services to the public. The entity is widely known for its ability to innovate and improve some of its finest technological advancements. A close analysis of the Google success displayed that its power and prominence is vested in good and management.

The aspect of good management has enabled Google to have a motivated workforce who work in congruence with the entity mission and objectives.

Google Keep now gains some drawing functionality

For this fact, Google has continued coming up with new resources while at the same time improving the existing ones. The latest move by Google is to improve those applications that never gained the expected market share. In that scenario, Google technologists and engineers have initiated a series of strategies to see that new features are installed to the already existing applications. This move is aimed at improving the company competitive nature in the mobile market.

The recent feature additions that Google had is to increase the devices drawing abilities. With this individuals will be able to take instant photos of their memorable moments without so much difficulties. In addition to this device users will be given an opportunity to make or add color coded lists on their pictures and hence making the whole photography experience excellent. The reason for this undertaking is to ensure that persons got fully entertained and served by their devices.

Google has also shown great commitments on increasing the functionality of the phones ability to add or record voice memos. This feature is not a joke considering that many devices only allow recording of written memos. This feature will ensure that users get audio reminders at a specified time hence improving users interface. This improvement in features will increase Google competitive advantage. For instance by undertaking this feature improvement plan Google will be competing with Evernote that was engineered by Apple.

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These enhancements will help create a new user experience. This will also add value to devices like Galaxy Note compared to Apple iOS 9 devices. The most interesting thing about these improvements is that users will be able to access different varieties of colors to improve their pictures. Consequently, the entity will stand in a position to generate more revenues provided that it will be commanding a large market share. Notably, the user preferences to Google products will improve hence promoting the value of their brand in the world.

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