Recent news reported that Google Play Store is introducing an incredible fresh look. Apart from the fact that it is not only the change in redesign that is worth looking forward to from the Play Store; the app will have more to offer than only the new user interface. The app will separate content better, under the new changes.

As a matter of fact, Play Store will have a much clearer division between entertainment and apps. These changes will offer users opportunity of seeing the apps on different pages from all other forms of entertainment.

The Books, Movies, Music, and TV have been on the same page with apps and games, all along.

Two Tabs

Google Play Store will now consist of 2 major tabs with the changes. The first tab will be for apps and games, while the second tab will be for all other forms of entertainment. The very new changes will appear soon, despite that the exact time and date is not yet known. The change will allow for swiping between the two major tabs. On the other hands, you can change from the apps and games to the one that provides for entertainment or probably with an easy tap.

With this development however, all earlier six shortcuts with apps, movies, games, movies, TV, music, books, and newsstand will be no more. Other subcategories like Top Charts, Games, Categories, Family, among others will become visible, once you click on the apps and games app.

Nevertheless, you will now have to go to the tab marked entertainment because of the new changes, if you want TV, Movies, Music, Books, and Newsstand among other familiar sections.

Header Space

This new feature common to Google Play Store will now perhaps be for displaying apps, games, movies, and other things that Google wants users to see. In addition, each subdivision will have a segment just below it, where the users will be able to discover their well-known associated shortcuts to apps and games. Users will be able to get abundance of suggestions from Google Play Store, under the subcategories.

Quite a lot of users have persecuted Google to offer a tab for bought apps. This is not available on Google Play Store, thus far. Moreover, the so called slide and click action most users have to take to reach their preferred does not seem to take pleasure in general appeal. The general complain from users is the complex search they must carry out on Play Store to get what they really want. These concerns probably ought to be considered by Google.

As a result, expect to see a new design, better arrangement, and separation of content, when next you update Google Play Store. Google has given the app a new look, even though it has not addressed all your worries.

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