It’s amazing how times have changed from the flip phone, to the simple touch phone and finally to the smartphone. For some people sticking to what they know always seems like the most viable options but in 2018 it should be held as crime if you do not own a smartphone.

A smart phone other than taking good selfies and having itunes can come across as quite helpful for the following reasons.

  • Gives the ability to access an unlimited choice of application. From e-book readers to messaging apps it has everything to offer all with the touch of an app. If you feel like Chinese for dinner there’s a cooking app. If you want to learn how to speak Chinese there’s still an app for that. In the end the possibilities are unlimited.
  • It makes it easy to socialize. Social apps used by most people rely heavily on the assumption that almost everyone has a smartphone apps like Snap chat and Instagram are only available on smartphones. Failure to have one means denying yourself the ability to create a bond with friends often leading to your being left out in the dark.
  • Gives easy means to access good entertainment and news at a convenient level. Going online on a PC to find solutions to something you and your friends argued about at lunch is no longer the way to go. The smartphone has good access to high speed internet that could solve most arguments in a matter of seconds. It also convenient as its easily portable and one can carry it anywhere without hustle unlike items like a PC.
  • Makes life easier in general. Unlike most of its predecessors. A smartphone makes it relatively easy for one to access certain information that is of import to them. Through the various apps, there is no longer need to take the long route of researching certain information for yourself. A quick route to aquire what you want will be available on the app store.
  • A smartphone literary makes you a better driver. Apart from there being an app that contains all the road symbols. It also gives proper accurate directions apps such as Google maps make your driving experience very convenient by giving directions and reducing your chances of getting lost.

In total honesty Living without this will basically mean you live like a caveman.

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Android is a mobile operating system (OS) currently developed by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.