If the recent news that Google is offering a Chromecast to Android Pay users at no cost is something to reckon with, then you too could be a proud owner of one, provided that you begin to make use of Android Pay.

You will benefit from this special offer from rewards promotion, if you make ten transactions through its mobile payments app by 29 February.

After ten deals, the big prize is a $35 Chromecast. However, there are 3 freebies that make up this, such as a give away Google Play Music song coming up at the initial tap, second tap and the number six tap notes to Droid Life.

This give away is just a motivation for fresh users to start drawing money by the use of Android Pay that Google has not even emphasized practically as Apple highlighted with Apple Pay. This will actually help breach the gap.

The Fine Print of Android Pay Rewards

Google does have a terms and conditions page that emphasizes some of the set of laws in fine print that is first caught by a Reddit user, despite the fact that it has not actually released an official press release for Tap 10.

Remarkably, those that are qualified for this Android Pay Rewards Promotion are US residents only, which might not even work. You may entitle to a reward that offers no assurance of a reward at all. You may have to wait for an update.

Also highlighted in the terms and conditions is that for transactions to count, they must be at least five minutes away from each other. Buying twenty apple pies from McDonald continuously will just leave you with an angry stomach, but not a Chromecast.

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