Android Pay is yet another way you can pay for those goods you bought right from your mobile device.

It is a bit more exciting, unlike some of the existing ones for the reason that it is coming from Google. Android Pay as Google named it was first unveiled by Google last May. It began the rolling out of Android Pay all over the United States, four months later. The launch happened gradually, and Google made it known that it had plans to keep expanding it and even add more stores, banks, and features.

Android Pay is due for launching by the end of March 2016 in the United Kingdom by Google, according to The Telegraph.

Here’s all we know so far about Android Pay…

What is Android Pay?

This is nothing but a mobile wallet that can store your loyalty cards, debit cards, credit cards, and lots more. If that sounds much like Google Wallet, it is due to the fact that Android Pay is the latest Google wallet, which is expected to be safe, convenient and much better.

How does Android Pay work?


  1. Search for the Android Pay app right on your phone. This can be downloaded on your phone from Google Play, but it is always preloaded on quite a lot of devices.
  2. Add a debit or credit card inside the app. However, if you have a card in your Google account already, you can add it to Android Pay by validating a few details. Simply take a photo through the app, in case you are adding a new card from any partaking bank.
  3. That is it! Just unlock your handset and click to make use of Android Pay at any available contactless payment workstation.

Which devices are compatible with Android Pay?

Devices compatible with Android Pay includes all NFC- enhanced Android devices operating on KitKat 4.4+. At present it supports any mobile hauler and tap-and-pay place all over the US.

Does Android Pay need a fingerprint reader?

Android Pay doesn’t require a fingerprint reader for the reason that a lot of Android phone manufacturers still need to incorporate fingerprint reader into their devices. Therefore, Android Pay also accepts a pattern, password, or PIN code in order to validate a transaction.

Which stores allow you to use Android Pay?

You can make use of Android Pay in any store where you can use Apple Pay or in stores where there are contactless terminals. Google made it known that it works all over 1 million US locations, plus far and wide places where tap-and-pay payments are accepted.

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