When it comes to phones, premium means humorous word. It seem as if everybody who are judging these phones gathered themselves together in an undisclosed place to determine the set of overwhelming qualities that distinguishes the very best Smartphones from the rest.

They are selected as flagships with top tier stylish design. Special thanks to some combination of their specs, craftsmanship, materials, and their usually very high price.

Nexus phones have a history of great, clean software paired to hardware usually blemished in some deep-seated ways – bad camera or cheap plastic or even omitting some very important things such as LTE. This is a perfect Smartphone because it doesn’t have any of those faults. As a matter of fact, it is the first Nexus device manufactured by Huawei (Chinese Manufacturer).

The design of Nexus 6P Android phone has a sense of coherency, unity, and almost predictability. It is a huge, concrete slab of a phone built on aluminum frame. The 6P comes with chamfered corners and 90 degrees angles, instead of silky, rounded curves— but they are done well enough in such a way that it doesn’t feel rough in the hand. It is available in white, silver, or white colors.

Nexus 6P Video

It is a premium phone because it feels complete, rock-hard, and balanced. The front glass frames the 5.7-inch screen with dual speakers including a blessed lack of logos symmetrically. You can turn the RGB indicator positioned in the upper left-hand corner on for notifications, if you so desire.

The screen works out to what is referred to as a you will never see the pixels 518PPI. It is spiky and dazzling with color saturation settings highly cranked up. It is possible for you to turn the developer settings on and regulate it to the RGB color mode.


When you look at Nexus 6P from an angle, it doesn’t show any weird banding. Even better: it doesn’t change whites into an ugly shade of claret, when you turn the brightness way down. The adaptive brightness settings on the 6P are unique and incomparable to every Smartphone.

There are many good and amazing things to say about Nexus 6P that makes it a premium Smartphone. The battery is everlasting, the camera is great and it is generally a good phone that worth giving a try!

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